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Our review in this blog post is about the Functions of the skin;

The skin excretes the body’s most waste through pores and sweat glands.

The skin shields the body against infections, toxins, radiation, and harmful pollutants. It contains cells that provide immune functions, identifies dangerous substances to the body, and destroy them.

The skin aids in temperature regulation through the blood vessels and sweat glands. The fatty layer also acts as an insulation barrier to help prevent heat loss from the body and decrease the effect of cold temperatures.

The skin contains large numbers of pores to absorb water, oxygen, vitamins, and acids to keep the skin moisturized and nourished.

The skin secretes sebum, a mixture of oils to keep the skin elastic and soft. Sebum has a layer called the acid mantle, which is acidic to protect the skin from outside intrusion.

The skin detects heat, pressure, cold, pain, and contact sensations through nerve endings. This sensation helps protect your skin against first and second-degree burns except for third-degree burns. Third-degree burns destroy nerve endings responsible for detecting senses resulting in feeling no pain.

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