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 54 reviews
 by Michele Green

Got my eyebrows done w Lan. I highly recommend her! Very professional, explains what shes doing & wants to get it just the way you want it! A sweet, kind lady & knows her stuff!!

 by Stephanie
Love my new brows

I had my brows done today with Lan, and she is definitely an artist. She takes her to explain the procedure and offered a choice on how she could do my brows with 2 different products. Lan is very patient and did not mind making a few adjustments to help get the look i wanted. The process took about 3hrs and you could really relax and almost go to sleep which i would have but there was another employee who kept coming in and out during the procedure.

I definitely recommend Lan if you want to get your beauty on.

 by Jill Rosalez
Permanent makeup

Eeeccckkk!!! I love my NEW look. New eyeliner. New lips. New eyebrows!!! So excited to finally START over after losing my husband 15 months ago. So glad I had this done. Lan is AMAZING: I highly recommend Beauty By Lan. I am now ready to START living the LIFE God has planned for me!!! GO TEAM LAN!!!

 by Janet
Permanent Makeup

Lan tattooed my eyebrows and eyeliner 4 months ago and honored her one month revisit discounted price after 4 months because I had surgery and couldn't walk well. Lan takes the time to explain everything and I never felt rushed.

 by Laura L

Had microblade by Lan. She is an artist, took her time sjetxhing the perfect brow. Totally painless. I give her 5 stars.

 by Judy Walker
Micro Bladed Eyebrows

I'm very happy with Lan she is amazing young lady her procedure is no pain at all i give her a 5 stars and i recommend Lan to everyone great JOB LAN!!!!

 by Linda Mcdaris
I highly recommed Lan.

Lan takes pride in her work and wants to make sure you are happy with the procedure she performs you.

She takes her time and makes sure every measurement is perfect before she starts. You will not be in any pain due to her numbing creams. You may feel a slight sting once in a while and its not bad. I'm so glad she was recommended to me. Thanks Lan I will be back to see you.

 by Amber
Looking fab!

My experience was great with Lan. She made me comfortable the entire procedure and was very professional. Thank you for making my eyebrows look amazing!

 by Andrea
Excellent Work

I had my eyebrows done today by Lan. The total experience was wonderful. Not only did she work with what I had left on my face but she used two different techniques to get a perfect match for my eyebrows that had been done a couple of years ago. I highly recommend her; she is a true professional and a lovely young woman.

 by Laurette Kravecz
Powder brows and pale lip liner

Finally bit the bullet to have lip liner. I was a little nervous about bright lips but Lan used a pale nude color to make me comfortable. I wanted the illusion of bigger lips without injections and she accomplished just that. She took so much time drawing them first and making sure they were perfect. There was no pain at all because she numbed my lips to a point where I couldn’t feel a thing. She also filled in my already perfect microbladed eyebrows. I wanted a more filled in effect and she made them look perfect. Hands down she is the best in the business because she takes her time to make sure the client loves them. My eyebrows, eyeliner and lips are complete and it takes me very little time to get ready each day. Thank you Lan ❤️

 by Amber

The experience with Lan was much more than I expected and very enjoyable. She was very professional and took the time to talk about the best options for my type of skin. Once she had began, the time went by very quickly and with virtually no pain. I even dozed off a few times. I am super excited to come back to have her do further work. Thank you Lan!!

 by Michelle Thomas
Always satified!

Lan is by far the best in the business! I've had eyebrows and under eye liner and both turned out amazing! Can't wait to do my upper eyelids next! Truly a gem and so professional. I would recommend her to everyone who is wanting to feel and look beautiful!

 by Sommer

Lan was very knowledgeable and professional. She is a true artist! I am absolutely so impressed with her micro blading skills. I had no pain at all! I even took a little nap. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family! I will be back!

 by Linda Pardue
My powder eyebrows

I was referred to Lan by my hairdresser. I have had next to no eyebrows for about 30 years, constantly having to use pencil. When I didn’t use pencil, I had virtually no eyebrows.

I have just returned from Lan’s shop and can honestly say that I look great! Haven’t had brows forever!!

Thanks, Lan!!!😘🇺🇸

 by Colleen
The best looking thing on my face!

My brows are by far the best looking thing on my face! Lan did an amazing job giving me the brow I was meant to have but never did. The process was painless. The outcome was spectacular. I am very happy to be going back for my annual touch up soon. I highly recommend Lan. She is very professional and her work room is clean and comfortable. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

 by Lola
Beyond satisfaction

I had been contemplating getting my eyebrows done and have doubts as I had seen botched jobs, but thanks to my cousin who did her eyebrows and she looked amazing so I took the leap of faith and decided to do it with Lan, how work is extraordinary she's precise she professional and her consultation was extremely educational she informed you up the process, and once she began she explained to you step-by-step and make sure that you were happy before she did the final steps I recommend her highly thank you Lan.

 by Jess

Unfortunately, I plucked my eyebrows into oblivion because when I was in middle school and high school, that was the cool look. Everyday I brush my eyebrows on with a gel creme to make them appear fuller but that is time consuming (not to mention, the days I get in my car and realize they are uneven or I missed a spot!) I've been wanting something more permanent but wasn't thrilled with the look of most permanent makeup services. That was until a friend showed me Lan's Instagram page. I was so impressed with her work I booked right away. I just left my first appointment and I couldn't be happier with the results. She carefully listened to what I said I wanted and took that into account when deciding the best way to achieve my desired goal. Lan was thorough, took her time, and meticulously created the perfect eyebrows for my face. It was also much less painful than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. There is some slight burning but it's completely tolerable--definitely less painful than a tattoo. I'm beyond thrilled!!

 by Kathy
Fully engaged in her client

I spent several months researching micro blading. I am 69 with very thin eyebrows. Some spots have no hair. Actually talked to Lan on several occasion as I was getting my nails done. She was very open and accommodating. Showed me pictures and explained the different processes. I saw a few clients as they left. Sold —- got my eyebrows done today! It was amazing to see her skills and tools in action. She explained everything she was doing and why - the bonus was I got to see and give my approval. I highly recommend her if you are considering getting your brows done. Overall, it was not painful. Towards the end my brows were hurting but very tolerable. My biggest adjustment will be having full gorgeous brows!

 by Eileen
Beautiful brows

I had my brows done by Lan about a month ago and receive compliments on a daily basis! Using a meticulous process called micro shedding she carefully crafted the perfect shape and dimensions. Lan is extremely well trained and draws the outline first for approval. She is very calm and painstakingly a perfectionist. No pain involved. I highly recommend her work 🥰

 by Betsy Speer
A Truly Wonderful Experience

There are so many admirable qualities than Lan embodies through her caring kindness, her sweet spirit and her superior level of dedication to her work! For those reasons she is enjoying a steady growth to her client base. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Lan and witnessed her magic as she measured, formed and created beautiful natural looking eyebrows for me! The atmosphere that Lan creates for her clients is calm and relaxing and beautifully decorated. The music played combined with Lan's sweet voice singing along put me in a very relaxed and peaceful state of being. Lan explains everything very well, she is very patient and I felt her total focus on me and what she was creating for me. The whole process is absolutely painless. The numbing cream Lan uses is totally effective. I can highly recommend Lan as an outstanding beauty artist, her kind and caring heart, and her spirt as an entrepreneur! My praise for Lan is totally deserved, she is such a love!

 by Maria

LAN is wonderful!!!! Out of all the years of salons I have been into LAN gets 5 Star rating for sure!!! Please go see her!!! Very talented and beautiful work!!! 💜

 by LaShanda Kelley
Amazing Brows 😍

I have dealt with unruly eyebrows for years they seem to never be full enough or too thick in certain areas. I went to Lan for help and all i have to say is wow!! The experience she gives is amazing. As I lay there before the micro-blading began i was nervous at first thinking i couldn't handle the pain but once she began it wasnt bad at all. She used a numbing cream and it was just light pressure with a mild sting i actually fell asleep on the table during the procedure lol. The whole experience was calming and i feel so much more confident with my new brows!! My hubby loves them and its worth it!! Thank you Lan!

 by Phyllis
Eye brows

At a certain age you can begin to lose your eyebrows. That is exactly what happened to me. I tried using different eyebrow products, but they always looked artificial. I was always able to see the product, so I decided not to wear any product. Every time I looked in the mirror all I was able to see was my missing eyebrows. Then my hairdresser/friend recommended Lan. She does amazing work from taking her time with getting the brow shape and color perfect to getting the brow to look natural. Every time I look in the mirror now, all I do is smile, I Have Brows and they look natural! When I went back for my touch-up, she tattooed long strokes to resemble hair! Numbing cream works wonders, don't let that stand in your way! Great work. You will not be disappointed!

 by Susan Cuccia

At 76 yrs old I was some what hesitant about eyeliner was it painful no it was definitely not painful. Lan is an expert and an artist. I was so relaxed I dozed off. I absolutely love my new look. Lan had done my eyebrows awhile ago. Now its just a little mascara and I'm ready for the day. I love it. I'm getting my graying eyelashes dyed. Will keep you posted. Thank you and love you Lon

 by Janet

Lan did a great job on my eyebrows. She had patience to spend time discussing different colors with me. Soon I'll get permanent eyeliner too!

 by Elma
The best

I can’t believe how much Lan has changed my life. I am beyond happy that I received her services. Highly recommended! She is the best!

 by Laurette Kravecz

I am so happy I found Lan again. Ive know her for a while as she did my nails so beautiful , but recently had her do my eyebrows. She is so meticulous and careful and is a true perfectionist. She spent so much time with me making sure they were perfect. I have clients that admired my eyebrows and asked where I got them done. So many have gone to her and had the same wonderful experience. Thank you so much Lan. I’ll see you for my eyeliner 😊

 by Jan wittmer

So glad I had my eyebrows done by Lan! She is very precise, and is diligent to achieve the look YOU desire. The procedure totally painless! I fell fast asleep in her quiet clean spa atmosphere, while she applied her transforming touch. Being older, and the changes in my skin, I could not get my brows to look decent, let alone match. Cut my face prep time in half, love it!!!

 by Debra Rothrock
Brows ard Liner

My eyebrows were disappearing and it was making me lookl older and washed out. Someone recommended Lan for permanent cosmetic. So glad i did. My brows are really nice. Much better than when i put them on with pencil every day. Recently Lan did top and bottom eyeliner. Love it. Always perfect and no smudges.

 by Lavetta Williams
The best permanent makeup artist in the northeast!

I was referred by Mary Wesley-Fisher who had so often spoken very highly of Lan as an individual and of her work. I had been in the area for a couple of years and could not find anyone to touch up my eyebrows that were done permanently in 2006. I am so grateful that Lan was not only able to touch up my pre-existing work, but she was also able to reshape my eyebrows with the latest techniques of micro blading/shading to offer my eyebrows a more natural, artistic appearance.

 by Susan Cuccia Hermann
Absolutely love Lan’s artistry

Lan is meticulous in her work. She is a genius in all the aspects of her chosen line of work. After every appointment I leave feeling sooo good about myself. Thank you for being you Love you Susan

 by Joni Spires

Lan is excellent at everything she does you will not be disappointed she’s the BEST!!!

 by Ana Garrido
Exceptional Service!!

Lan takes pride in her work and is extremely detailed to ensure your end result is always perfect. She’s extremely meticulous with all of the beauty services she provides, and never settles for anything less than exceptional. I’ve been Lan’s customer for over 6 years and she’s the only one I’ll trust with my beauty treatments! She truly is amazingly talented at her job, will set the bar much higher than any others in her field, and you will be so disappointed if using someone other than her. Thank you, Lan!!

 by Melissa Lott
Top notch

Beauty by Lan, I can’t say enough about this company! Superior service. Lan, does outstanding work, I recommend this lady and her services. My experience has always been very welcoming and top notch from start to finish. Ladies anyone considering permanent makeup I guarantee this is your person. You won’t find anyone better. Thank you Lan for changing my life with making me feel beautiful inside and out.

 by Digna
Thank you

Lan Ho, THANK YOU SO MUCH,for my beautiful eye brows



You have a natural TALENT and PASIÓN,for what you do,,

Really takes care of me and in a relaxing ,nice and clean very

Pleasant environment.


 by Megan nettles
Lan is so detail oriented

Lan is so talented, detail oriented, and kind. She takes the time to make sure she understands exactly what you want and executes it perfectly. She is such a perfectionist,

Which is necessary when you are having procedures done to your face. I could not recommend her eyebrow services more.

 by Natalie
Lan is the very best!

Lan takes her time to listen to each client and deliver the results they’re looking for. She’s methodical, precise and a true artist. You will not be disappointed by choosing her for whatever beauty service you’re seeking.

 by Norma. Peters
Best Experience Ever

Lan is incredible! I have never had eyebrows that you could see. She gave me beautiful eyebrows exactly the size shape and color, that complimented my face and I love them. Wish I had known her a long time ago. The total experience is the best experience I have ever had. She focuses all her attention on you and your comfort. I actually fell asleep I was so relaxed. Her gentle touch and almost completely pain free process makes you a new person snd her gentle relaxing room and calming touch relax you completely

When she us done, you feel as if you have have had a very relaxing

Spa Like experience and you look terrific. I can’t say enough about how much I love my eyebrows and how Much I love all the different artistic things Lan does . I would never go anyplace else, this woman is terrific!

 by Shannon Arkin
Amazing results!

Lan is simply amazing! Nails, permanent makeup, facials. I am so lucky I was told about her! I get compliments on my brows and nails all the time. I always look forward to our appointments. She is so friendly and kind and meticulous with her work. The best in St. Augustine, hands down!

 by Judy jarrett

I would highly recommend Lan for permanent makeup. She is a perfectionist in everything she does. She research’s, measures and is particular about every detail. And she is passionate about what she does!!

 by Connie

Lan is one of the kindest gentlest people I have used in the beauty industry. I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done in one afternoon with very little discomfort. She is a very skilled and very detailed person. I am very happy with the results and how many compliments I have been receiving. Highly recommend Lan

 by Jo

Lan is detail oriented and takes time in every work she does. You can tell she really loves her craft. I’ve been going to her for beauty treatments for over 5 years. Above all, she is genuinely kind.

 by Emily Gordon

Fantastic service! Lan provides wonderful care. One of the most relaxing facials I have ever gotten!

 by Lynn
The best

Simply the best! I have been enjoying Lan’s salon services for more than 4 years now.

She is patient, kind and very attentive to her customers needs.

 by Barbara
Personal, caring, professional & relaxing service

Lan is outstanding - the very best. She takes such great care and pays attention to the last detail. I always leave so very relaxed. Highly recommended!

 by Melinda

Remarkable Skills! Lan has a magic touch and an Artist’s eye, giving her the ability to work on our faces with excellent results! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyeliner, brows AND lips. Yes, Lan has done all three.

She takes her time and has methods and products to help control pain. Personally I had zero pain on brows and eyeliner.

 by Diane Mataraza
Excellent Service!

Lan is a gifted beauty technician - a perfectionist- with all treatments. Her exceptional technique is equally matched by her kindness. The shop is immaculate. We all leave relaxed, refreshed, and far better than when we walked in! Highly recommend!

 by Dena
Wonderful service

Fantastic customer service. Always professional and I leave super happy!

 by Jill
Fabulous brows

I have drawn my eyebrows in since 8th grade, I am much older now and without my contacts just can’t see. This was the perfect solution as I can’t draw my brows while my glasses are on. Lan is so professional, listened to what I wanted and did an amazing job. I could not be happier!

 by Tammy shallis
No pain

Loved my eyebrows It was easier then expected. Lan was sweet and kind and made sure everything was perfect. I will only use her from now on .

 by Susan
Beauty by Lan Salon

I just had my brows done for the first time and I love them! Lan made my experience fantastic, she was attentive and made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. Lan used numbing cream and it was not painful, if you’re worried about that don’t be. She is an artist and she really took the time to make my brows were perfect for my face, skin and hair color!

 by Lorraine
Love my eyebrows

I just had my eyebrows done and I had the best experience ever. Lan was amazing, so friendly and listened to all my requirements. I did not feel any pain at all, the numbing cream really helped (I have numerous tattoos and they hurt way more). My eyebrows look amazing thank you so much Lan.

 by Judy Clearwaters
I love my eyebrow!!

I love my eyebrow!! LAN make me feel good.

And it did hurt at all .

 by Sally

Ho Lan is a creative expert! I am so happy with my new look! Thank you!

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