It is the duty of a professional, Lan Ho, a Licensed and Certified Permanent Makeup Specialist to offer consultations to clients and allow them to ask questions they need answers to. During that time, a patch test is done on Beauty By Lan’s Client’s preferred skin part to ensure there are no allergic reactions to pigments or products before the main treatment. Usually, if nothing happens within 48 hours, then it is a go-ahead. The Client will sign a medical history form that would determine if they are fit for the procedure and a consent form where a client agrees to have the procedure done on them and that they will follow the aftercare instructions prescribed to them. At Beauty By Lan our specialist will then ask for permission to take the before pictures of our Client for professional use only.

Lan Ho and Associate Specialists of Beauty By Lan Inc., will perform new treatments that often take up to four hours. Touch-ups are a must-do and achieved in two stages, spaced between three and twelve weeks apart, giving room for a safe, comfortable, and gradual enhancement. Without your refresher treatment, the color will gradually fade away over time.

For eyebrows, our Specialists will manually use super-fine blades to create cuts into the skin mimicking the natural hair strokes or an electric-powered needle at a high speed to implant the pigment into the skin for an ombre effect and extremely natural hair strokes. The same procedure applies to the lips to create volume, evenness, and fullness to ensure that the lip color stays put. The lip color procedure has a huge range of colors to select from to match the natural lip color or any preferred cosmetic lip color.

The treatment of the eyeliner either can be done above the eyelid, at the bottom, or at both but whichever one chooses to do, the result will be a perfect bespoke whip-shaped liner. For this particular treatment, our Specialist has to possess the knowledge to know which products are safe for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

Lash lifting and enhancement is a semi-permanent make-up treatment that lasts 6-8 weeks and is the most popular technique. The procedure is painless and it involves lying back with eyes closed for up to an hour. This procedure can be achieved with or without lash extensions by using a perming solution, a neutralizing solution, and a tint.

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