At Beauty By Lan were review different types of skin before proceeding with a Semi and Permanent Makeup procedure.

The following are a review of different skin types;

Normal skin
This skin type is well balanced concerning its oil production and ph. It doesn’t require a specific routine, but it’s good to maintain it by moisturizing it, using sunscreen, removing make-up before bedtime, and staying hydrated.

Sensitive skin
Over-sensitivity of the nerve endings underneath the skin is a cause of sensitive skin. You can take care of such skin by using lightweight moisturizers, avoiding products with fragrance, parabens, or dyes, avoiding astringents or alcoholic toners, taking vitamin supplements, and consulting a dermatologist to recommend the right products.

Oily skin
Some reasons for oily skin are large-sized pores, genetics, climate, and hormonal changes. It is also more prone to acne and breakouts. Some tips to take care of this skin type are skipping the moisturizer, do not overwash your face, using blotting or rice papers to degrease your face, using oil-absorbing cleansers to wash, using glycolic or salicylic acid to deal with acne, and incorporating lightweight products (gel-based, silicone-based, water-based) for maintenance.

Dry skin
Some serious causes of this skin type are aging, improper skin care habits, genetics, and climate. Tips to take care of this skin type are staying hydrated, moisturizing twice a day, avoiding taking long showers, and using products with emollient ingredients.

Combination skin
Besides being responsive to climate, genetics or ingredients that disrupt the skin’s natural balance cause combination skin. Some maintenance tips for combination skin are, using oil-free skin care products, gentle cleansings, and incorporating two different skincare routines.

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