At Beauty By Lan, Inc., our Permanent Makeup Technician & Specialist considers adjustments in the procedure for the skin condition of Vitiligo. This skin condition covers the face or whole body with pale white patches. It generates from destroyed Melanocytes responsible for skin pigmentation. This condition brings on social anxiety and high levels of depression to people possessing it. It is treated mainly by two surgical methods. These are: cellular grafting and tissue grafting. These surgical methods are Not performed by our Permanent Makeup Specialist but they are conditions to be aware of in planning Permanent Makeup procedures.

Cellular grafting is a process where the top layer of the skin with the patches is eliminated by laser treatment or dermabrasion. Melanocytes and other skin cells are then extracted from the pigmented skin and transplanted onto the white patches. Tissue grafting is a procedure that requires harvesting graft sites from the donor sites either from the flexor aspect of the arm, abdomen, or anterolateral angle of the thigh or leg. Since it involves blister induction, a local anesthetic is applied to reduce pain. Once the blisters are well-formed, they are gently de-roofed, gently cleaned, spread to a maximum size, and kept moist with normal saline. The vitiligo macule is cleaned and dermabraded until bleeding spots are visible. The grafts are placed on the recipient’s skin, dressed, and bandaged.

Beauty By Lan, Inc, our Permanent Makeup Technician & Specialist considers these previously applied treatments but also the Client should disclose this information.

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