Beauty By Lan’s Lip blushing service is a new semi permanent cosmetics procedure to rejuvenate the lips. The process is a surface inking that semi permanently improves lip tone by reserving shaded ink into the lips with a mechanical needle. The subsequent lip tattoo is subdued and natural due to the advancements in semi permanent cosmetics.

The subsequent tattoo, which regularly goes on for a few years, pervades lips with a complimenting color, similar to a stain or demulcent. Subsequent to getting lip flushed, you can in any case wear lipsticks and lip tones to change around your look, on the off chance that you like-yet numerous lips become flushed clients are glad to do without lip cosmetics. Fully flushed lips without applying salve, lipstick or shine. Consult with Lan Ho, licensed and certified Permanent Makeup Technician & Specialist for your new look! Contact Lan Ho to review, discuss and schedule your appointment.

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